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From our last post in website design category, you must have learnt about how to select a domain name best and optimum for SEO. In this write up, we shall tell you how to buy and register domain name from cheap and best sources.

Let’s first understand this market:

There are various sources available online in the form of websites, where you can buy and register domain name for your website. These websites are called Registrars. So, a registrar is a company that does domain name registration for your website and keeps reservation of your domain from the main registry.  Some of the popular and best registrars are:

Godaddy being my favourite as it gives you best service and discounts more often. However you can visit their sites and check for ICANN Accreditation before going to buy and register domain name from these registrars. ICANN is an autonomous body who has control over these registrars.

Selection of Registrar:

Price Factor:

You can check the cost of your selected domain on various registrars and go for the lowest cost. Please see the screenshots below to give you taste of price variation of a domain name, 

First screenshot shows the cost of at @ Indian Rupees (INR) 199.0

buy and register domain name

Following screenshot shows cost of at @ USD 39.99, i.e. INR 2400 approx:

buy and register domain name

After seeing above 2 screenshots, you can clearly notice that the price difference is too much, godaddy being more than 90% cheap.

You should do a good homework on the websites of above mentioned registrars to check the price, before going to buy and register domain name.

Support & Management:

You can check for the contact us page or link of the registrar you want to select to buy and register domain name for your website. If you have any doubt of their address or contact being fictitious, do not go with them for this purchase. We can bet on the service and customer support of

Buy and Register Domain Name:

By now, you must have selected the registrar, let us assume you are going with like we went for indus-creations, let us give you the step-by-step guide, how to buy your domain name on godaddy.

  • Make an account with If you already have an account with godaddy, login to your account skip next 3 steps.
  • Click on ‘Register’ on top right corner of this page, then click on “Create My Account” button below the “New Customer” option of the page.
  • A form will pop-up, fill in all your details like, email id, username for godaddy, password, and your call-in pin and then click on ‘create account’.
  • Godaddy will create your account and take you to your account page as shown in the screenshot & register domain name
  • This will show you one option of “Domain”, which is empty, as you have not purchased any domain with so far. Click on the “Launch” button in green.
  • You will see the following screenshot, where you have options to buy domains on top. Click on buy and sell option and then “Domain buy”.
  • It will open a Domain Buy Service page, click on “Buy Now” button in Orange. Following page will open:buy & register domain name
  • Fill in your selected domain, cbse-sst and choose the extension, .in in this case and click on “Go”.
  • It will take you to the page where price is listed and various other options will also be listed with the discounts being offered. You can choose, one or many domains and click on “Continue to Cart” button on top.
  • It will offer you other options of hosting, etc., if you want select the appropriate option and proceed for check-out.
  • Please note, by default, godaddy will select terms as 5 years, change it to 1 year. This allow you to transfer your domain to another registrar after 1 year (when your term gets over), if you do not like the service of your current registrar.
  • Click on “Proceed for Checkout” in orange colour. Fill in your billing details and the mode of payment and credit card / debit card details as you do for other purchasing online.
  • Once you complete your payment, you will receive an order confirmation email from godaddy and it looks likes below screenshot:email from godaddy
  • Godaddy may send you an email for activation of your domain, it comes to your inbox, please click on verify your email address as shown below:godaddy activation

Congrats ! You are done with domain name purchase and registration with godaddy.

Now, as you are through with how to buy and register domain name from cheap and best sources and you have bought one, you will now be interested in buying hosting service or linking your domain to your existing hosting account.

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