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Reaction – Responding to Situation

In physics, we say for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. In chemistry, we say when two chemicals come in contact with each other reaction takes place. Whereas in human context, reaction is responding to an action and situation. All these reactions are driven by our emotion.  Our emotions are governed by our upbringings, believes, principles, values and experiences. In other words, we can also say that reaction …Continue Reading »


How to deal with relationship problems? 1

Are you fed up of relationship problems? Do you think you are unable to deal with relationship problems? Are you helpless to get the solution to overcome your relationship problems?  If answers to all above questions is “Yes”, you have landed at the right place. We shall here try to explain the relationship problems with true story and tell you how to deal with relationship problems. When you’re going through …Continue Reading »

Problem Solved