How to deal with relationship problems? 1

Are you fed up of relationship problems? Do you think you are unable to deal with relationship problems? Are you helpless to get the solution to overcome your relationship problems? 

If answers to all above questions is “Yes”, you have landed at the right place. We shall here try to explain the relationship problems with true story and tell you how to deal with relationship problems.

When you’re going through a relationship problem:



Ever in your life – have you felt lonely, neglected that disturbs you and gives negative feeling. This happens when all others are united and you are left alone. Friends do you know how it feels, when you are dominated by these united persons from your so called family. You feel low due to this and these situations gifts you lot of pain and disturbance without affecting the life style of those important people around you.


You can surely eliminate the effect of relationship problem:

To explain, how to deal with relationship problems, Let’s have an example you must have heard…. 

Glass in handImagine if you hold a glass, full of water in your hand. What is a big deal? Nothing, it would be very easy to hold it for a while. Let us make the situation more difficult, try to hold it for one long hour. I am sure, your hand will say to leave this glass, boss. Situation gets worst, when you have to hold this glass for days. You will break you arm or it will get paralyzed.

In this example, there are three situations, and the quantity of water and your hand also unchanged. But, in one situation, you hand get paralyzed, while the other will not affect it.

This is applicable to real life situations also. Replace the glass from above example with your ‘heart’ and water with the ‘sorrows and problems’ of your life. If you keep the worries and sorrows in your heart for a while, they won’t affect you much. If you keep on thinking about your problems for hours, they will disturb and you will end up with further problems in the form of headache. The situation would become more pathetic, if you follow these worries for days. I am sure the headache would turn into migraine (a permanent headache).  Hence it can be concluded that we should always leave glass full of problems on the table, the moment we receive them.

This is true that, in this universe, life comes along with the problems as a combo pack. So, problems can not be eliminated, their effect can only be reduced to zero if we learn how to deal with these problems.

Learn from My Story:

In my childhood, I was a happy go kind of girl who always used to make others happy. I had lot of utter experiences in my early age, which converted me into a negative person. Like many other people in this world, I also believed that all wrong things are happening to me only.negative happyarrow

My marriage was love cum arranged. In the early those days, I used to feel the luckiest person in this world  as I got what I desired. I was welcomed in my new house with opened arms. I got love, affection and utter care from my in-laws. I also reciprocated in the same manner. I did not feel anything different because I used to get the same treatment in my parents house as I was youngest in the family. I remembered, I got 1000 Rs note to prepare ‘Tea’ for the first time in my new house. My father-in-law used to bring me gifts without occasions. I never missed the absence of my mother-in-law because of him. I was at top of the world.

Then, suddenly, my life took a U-turn. I started experiencing unexpected behavior from my father-in-law. He started neglecting me and hiding important things from me. After six months of my marriage, I got a sudden shock, left my father. This was totally unexpected. By this time, I was totally converted into the same person who holds the glass of water for days together. I always felt helpless, I used to discuss with everybody. I almost lost trust in all my family members and was totally lost. I was unable to find any solution and did not know how to deal with relationship problems.

But God is there, just after one month of my father’s sad demise, I came to know about my pregnancy. It made me feel so happy and I imagined a problem-free life. But to my utter shock, nothing around me unchanged. I still, decided to be happy for the new comer who would be with us after few months. 

I never forget the day when I saw the beautiful face of my princess. I totally forgot all the sorrows and problems being carried with me for long time by the existence of my daughter. Being happy is the other name for living life.

What is Law of Happiness?

A theory says, “Opposite poles attract each other“. Negativity and Positivity follows the reverse of this stated theory, i.e. Positive vibes attract positive things and negative vibes attracts negative things.  I started following this theory in my life. By this time, I had already concluded that, If you just follow positive things in your life, you never attract the negative one. If you do not allow the problems to dominate you or disturb you, no negative vibe ever dare to touch you. 

So, what should we do if we face any problem: Don’t just think about it, discuss it with the person with whom you have problem and try to put forward your point of view. This is also important that your first understand the point of view of the other person. Without water, a seed cannot germinate, frustration can be avoided by sharing and discussing about them.

Friends, as I mentioned earlier, life is full of worries and disturbances, and now you know how to deal with relationship problems to come up happily. 

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