How to be focused professionally and personally?

Now a days we all have very busy life and often we listen people saying that they don’t have time. We find children and youth also complaining the same thing .  There are many things which  distract our attention from our goals or objectives like Phone, what’s app, Facebook, social media, TV, chatting, media etc.

We sometimes wish  if we could have more  time but  we have to manage everything in twenty four hours only.

Let us understand by an example of two ladies , the first one is house wife with two kids having a full time maid at home and another one is a  working professional having two kids, taking care of her parents also. But what we listen is that the housewife is more complaining about the lack of time as compared to the working lady. Working lady  will be  managing office, home, social gathering, volunteering, perusing her hobby as well, still open for new opportunity for learning.

What is the difference between two? What is the reason, why the former always felt lack of time. The reason is that we are not focused. If we want to achieve more in less time we need to be focused. In spite of all latest machinery & gadget working for us, we are always running short of time. But the fact is that the quantum of time available to each one of us is same.

Focus is basically is your center of attention. Let us understand four basic steps required for being focused:

Step to be focused : 

Step #1 Goals and  Objectives   Take a break from your busy schedule. Sit down calmly, then do some self analysis as to what I want from my life, what are my goals and objectives in life. Define and list down all your  personal & professional goals. Divide your goals in two category, long term & short term.  Your goals should be smart.  Divide your goals in three category, personal, professional and financial plan. Use daily planner helps us to main focus on day to day activities’

Step #2 – Develop an Action Plan – Ask yourself 6 smart questions, who, what, why, when, where, how about your goals & objectives.

Step #3 – Action/Execution of your plans – Takes actions to fulfill your goals.

Step #4 – Review- Check, Monitor, follow ups, actions, redefine your goals as you get clarity with time. Monitoring is one way of overcoming these problems, What is happening/has happened? What went well and what did not go well? How can the situation be improved? What might we learn from the situation that might influence future action?

Use of Technology / Approaches to increase focus :-

  • You can use your smart phone smartly by making list’ to do’ for you, for reminders Schedule your Bills & Payments online etc.
  • Daily Planner helps us maintain focus on day to day basis.
  • Prioritise your work based on nature of work, criticality and importance and  attend the same accordingly.
  • Delegation (Proper distribution of Work, Motivate people working for you, keep empathy with them, be open for communication, be aggressive in your behaviors for work but not with people who work with you)
  • Filter the information and  interact with people wisely.
  • Learn to say no with confidence
  • Maintain and monitor your progress report.
  • Mentoring helps you to be focussed by regularly monitoring your progress.

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