How to deal with relationship problems? 1

Are you fed up of relationship problems? Do you think you are unable to deal with relationship problems? Are you helpless to get the solution to overcome your relationship problems?  If answers to all above questions is “Yes”, you have landed at the right place. We shall here try to explain the relationship problems with true story and tell you how to deal with relationship problems. When you’re going through …Continue Reading »

Problem Solved

Score Good Marks in Exam By 10 Simple Ways? 18

Be A Topper – Score Good Marks in Exams ! Before giving tips & tricks to score good marks, I would like to pamper myself by stating that I was a good scorer in my school times (usually > 85%) and the university topper (with 86.37% marks) in my Engineering, 1999-2003 batch, see my consolidated mark-sheet. You can also take advantage of these tips to score good marks in your …Continue Reading »

Score Good Marks

Angiography and Angioplasty – bread and butter for Cardiologist 4

I had just heard about these 2 words, Angiography and Angioplasty, in my life 15 days back. Never got into the details. Now, after 15 days I can say that I have done PHD in Angiography and Angioplasty. Of-course I am less educated than doctors in this sector but surely more than a common man. Now, when I know, I think everybody should know about how I learnt about angiography and …Continue Reading »

angiography and angiography