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Be A Topper – Score Good Marks in Exams !

Before giving tips & tricks to score good marks, I would like to pamper myself by stating that I was a good scorer in my school times (usually > 85%) and the university topper (with 86.37% marks) in my Engineering, 1999-2003 batch, see my consolidated mark-sheet. You can also take advantage of these tips to score good marks in your upcoming exams in March. Go through each and every point and follow them right from today, I bet you will score good marks.

 Be Regular

Your have been eating your all meals, i.e. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily, since the day you born, irrespective of the circumstances and situations. Whether it’s your birthday, you are at school, went for a picnic, somebody is sick at home or whatsoever may be the condition, you never stopped taking meals, did you? Certainly not. Now, it has become your routine and your body tells that you are hungry & says Go and Eat something.

Be Regular in your Studies
Be Regular in your Studies

In a similar manner, you can make a study routine at home, say, from 3 to 5 PM daily. After some days, your body will adopt this study routine and it becomes your habit. When you study on regular basis, you will surely score good marks.


Whenever you learn a new topic, revise it – orally and by writing it within 24 hours. It is my personal experience that when you revise a newly learnt topic within 24 hours,  you won’t forget it easily. Then you can revise the same during your term exam or final exam to score good marks in exam.

Revision helps to remember the topic for long time
Revision helps to remember the topic for long time

Pay Attention in Class

Most of us think that we have a tuition teacher, we will learn the topic from him but then you waste your whole time in the school.If you pay attention in the school itself, you will learn the basics of topic there and in detail by your tuition teacher, you may not be requiring tuition also.

Ask silly questions also 

Suppose, you are in class 7, you can ask any silly question from the syllabus of class 7, don’t be afraid of asking it, and don’t be ashamed as other students also do not know the answer.

Ask as many questions as you can
Ask as many questions as you can

If you don’t ask, your concept will remain weak and then when anything related to that concept comes on class 8, it would be more shameful to ask about the same. So get your concepts clear asking silly questions in the respective class itself. Most of your concepts shall be made, which ultimately helps you to score good marks in exams.

 Getting the Basics Right 

Everywhere in the world, academic syllabus is so designed so as to gradually impart the knowledge into the students. It means, when you have been taught about “Gravitation” in grade 7th or grade 8th in brief, understand it thoroughly. The same topic shall be covered in the future classes, in class 10th or 11th, in detail, where you can easily understand if the basics of the topic are understood fully in the previous classes. So if your basics are clear, they not only help you to score good marks in the current class but helps in future classes also.

 Prepare Notes 

Whenever you study, always prepare notes which can be referred during exam time. The notes should cover all the concepts, formulas with examples. If you have not prepared class notes, not to worry, visit CBSE Library from Vidhyarjan Institute to get FREE Class Notes.

This helps you to revise the chapter in much lesser time as compare to if you revise from book

 Attempt 100% Questions

Never leave any question in the exam, if you do not attempt any question, you certainly get “Zero” mark for that; but if you try to attempt any question, for which you are not sure, it may get you some mark(s); certainly, more than “Zero”. This will help you to score good marks overall.

Write in Detail though Brief

Always write in exam as if the examiner does not know anything (although he knows everything). Explain the answer to justify the maximum marks. Most of students write in short only assuming that the examiner knows about this but then forgets to write the actual answer.

For example, if a 2 marks question is: what is Force? Then, most of us write, “Force is push or pull”. Now this answer will fetch you only 1 mark out of 2, i.e. 50%. So, what should be the answer? It can be written as follows: “Force is push or pull. The unit of Force is Newton. There are many types of forces like Gravitational Force, Frictional Force, Magnetic Force, etc.”

This answer will surely fetch you full marks and overall you will score good marks in exam.

 Use Diagram Technique

In the subject like Science – Biology and Physics use always diagrammatic technique to answer a question, wherever possible. Diagram Technique fetches good marks over Writing technique because, it takes lesser time to examiner to examine your answer sheet, writing sometimes is also not good which gives wrong indication. It is observed that the answer with diagram helps you to score good marks in exams.

Start with Sure Answers

Suppose in a question paper of 10 questions, you are sure about question # 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and not sure about 1 and 4. Then, start writing with question no. 2 and not 1. Remember, “First impression is the last impression”, this works here also.

Don't answer a question first when you are not sure about the answer
Don’t answer a question first when you are not sure about the answer

When examiner is reading your answers and find them OK for 8 questions in a row (in above example), then it is more likely that you will get at least 50% of marks in question 1 and 4 (attempted last) as you already made your impression for 8 answers initially, making 90% marks overall.


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