How to select domain name best for SEO? 13

Are you thinking of developing your website on your own? Do you have the concept and theme of subject on which you want to develop your website? Mostly, people have answers to above 2 questions.

Now further to above 2 question, next question is, have you selected the  domain name? or how to select domain name, which is best suited for search engine optimization (SEO)? This is where most people stop thinking or do not care about it or do not understand the importance of domain name selection. In this article, we shall guide you about how to select domain name, which would be the perfect choice.

Before telling you how to select domain name, best suitable for your website, let us first understand some basics of domain name. By wikipedia definition, A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as a website. It is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet. So you should have a domain name before you start developing your website.


Criterion to select domain name:

Simple Domain Name:

Your domain name should be very simple. If you select domain name which is simple, it would be easy for the users or viewers to remember and this helps in fetching you the same visitor time and again. Internet users prefer simple domain names over domain names which are difficult to remember. For e.g. if your subject or theme is to provide study material for CBSE students for physics subject, then your domain name should be We have selected .in instead of .com by using simple logic that CBSE is popular in India and it would be more appropriate that we take demographic extension rather than costlier universal extensions like .com or .org.


Unique Domain Name:

We all now, there are infinite numbers of websites and hence lot of domain names are swimming in the pool of internet. Then, how to select domain name which is unique but logical? First of all, why should one have unique domain name? It has one simple logic. In the above example, suppose if you choose a domain name and not Then you welcome undue competitors to your domain. When you are going to serve only CBSE students then why to take a domain which can be of global presence and competition? So, if your domain name is unique, you would be ranked higher when it comes to SEO.


Future Aspects:

Let us understand this aspect of selection criteria of domain name with the above example. We have assumed your subject or theme is to provide physics study material to CBSE students, so as of now, the best domain name coming out to be But, now we should understand there is a limitation in selecting this domain. If you have future plans to go for other subjects like biology or maths, you would certainly not accommodate study material of these subjects in, because this is irrelevant. So, either you should be ready to buy and maintain multiple domains or plan for your future now itself. Rather than in going for a subject specific domain, go for a general domain name which would accommodate all your future plans.


Domain Name Availability:

As we have mentioned earlier in this post, that there are ‘n’ numbers of domain names, so the domain name which you have selected, may not be available in the primary market. You can search the domain name availability of your selected domain on websites of various service providers. However, we prefer to go with Search your domain name availability here in the primary market. If you do not find your domain name available in this market, and you want to stick to that particular domain name, you can try godaddy auction program. Read FAQs for godaddy domain auction in secondary market for more details.

By now, you already understood how to select domain name and you must have selected a best domain name specific to the subject and theme of your website. You would now be interested in purchasing the domain name you have chosen.

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