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!ndus-Creations strongly believes in sharing and new talent. We always encourage rising bloggers to contribute an original article related to categories of our website, with their own identity. The purpose is to help you to reach to the thousands of audience and generating revenue out of it. To get fast approval of your submitted posts / articles, please go through the following points carefully and try to stick to them:

Who is eligible to become !ndus-Creations partner?

  • Anyone who is genuine article writer and wish to monetize them.
  • Before you give it a kick, we would request to head over our website to check out the types of articles being published here.
  • However, you can pick any topic, but should always be focused on quality. If required, we shall include a new category provided your article is content rich and original.
  • Just remember, your article will be a block-buster, if it is original, quality focused and contains relevant photos / videos.

So, what are the Terms & Conditions?

  • Earning & Payments: Your earnings shall start immediately once your article is published on ! Your payments of a particular month shall be paid to you online by the 10thof next month. You shall be eligible for payment once you reach to threshold, which is, either your earnings reach to $50 (or equivalent) OR your total numbers of blogs / articles reaches 10.
  • Original: We shall welcome only original content. Your article shall be approved for publishing on !, if it is original. Please submit only those articles, which are specifically written for ! This is applicable to the images, photos & videos also. Any article submitted to us shall not be distributed or published to any other site.
  • Quality of Article: Any article to be submitted shall be minimum of 600 words. The text shall be supported by relevant images, photos and videos, embedded into the main article.
  • Copyright:  By submitting any article to !ndus-creations, you give us the copyright of that article in full. DMCA related issues shall be dealt with this. While reviewing, if we found your article copied, distributed to any other site, your account with us shall be blocked. All your earnings shall be hold till the issue is resolved.
  • Comments: Publishing an articles is important, but to keep your article live & updated, comments are equally important. Depending on the niche of your article, people shall be engaged in commenting and you as the originator of the blog shall reply to those comments.

All agreed? How to post @ !


Now as you agreed to all our terms and ready to take care above mentioned points, you can now submit you post directly from wordpress panel. Please follow the following steps:

1. Register yourself with us with a username (of your choice) and your email id. See How to Register for WordPress.

2. Check your email for password for wordpress panel.

3. Login with your username (selected in 1) and password get in your email.

4. Now you can start writing your post. Please check How to write post in wordpress.

If you have any issue to Register or Login, we are just an email away: