The art of living peace full life

Simple living and high thinking – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential and eliminate the rest. We keep on listening such type of sentences day in and day out. But these all look more like philosophical talks than a’ to do’ list for a common man.

There are two biggest questions lays here, a) are  there any’ to do’ list or check list which can help us to be simple in life. b) if there is any, what are those.

Before going directly to those question lets first try to find out what’s simplicity and how is will it help to live a better life. Simplicity is a stage or level  of mind and thoughts which help to have a meaningful life. When you are calm, cool & complete in yourself the you don’t look at the world outside for happiness, you dive in to your inner space. Simplicity is avoiding the undesired and unwanted burden from your conscious and un conscious mind.

Now, how can a normal family men or women, living in a modern lighting fast world having enormous stress and strain, attain  peace and calmness in life.He need to have a pause, wait for a moment and think deeply.

To attain the simplicity in life you can follow a few basic and very simple steps explained below and be assured, its will going to change the way you look at life and the life will be looking back at you.

Single tasking: Yeah!! You read it right single tasking, it’s strange and not easy to digest. In today’s world, everyone is talking about multitasking in corporate world. So called “EXPERTS”, has emphasized on this word, as must have quality in today’s scenario. But it’s an illusion, created to exploit the employee and making him stressed, under the pump all the time, extract maximum out of them. They don’t give a damn about your life, health or mental level.  But I am a big supporter of single tasking, and here is my explanation. While work on a single task you focus all you energy, thought, creativity and mental strength at single task. The task has to be performed more effectively, efficiently, perfectly and minimal efforts.

Brand obsession: Being a quality conscious is something different and being brand obsessed is something different. People now-a-days buy thing in obsession of brand rather than as per their exact requirement. More than 70% of the features of smart phone are not used; we are not able to achieve 70% of the speed of premium cars. Clothing is used only of half of its life. Purchasing is a power and customer should use it mindfully.  Buy should be as per requirement, not as per the availability of product in market. On the other hand you do your purchasing form the local vendor; you save a lot on money and help that poor people to earn his living. Here you are supporting the entrepreneurship rather than increasing some numbers in balance sheet of a multimillionaire’s company.

Change – The only constant thing in life is change. We grew up hearing these phrases. But in practical life we should try to stick to basic needs. Changing the materialistic things in life gives unwanted burden in life. People change thing just for the sake of changing. They keep on upgrading the smart phone, televisions, car, house, clothes as per the new launches in the market. They don’t even give a thought weather they require it or not. They find themselves trapped in the loop of credit payment and EMIs. These keep your mind unnecessarily busy. Like become complex day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. You have the gadgets in life but no life for life.

Getup Early: Getting up early in the morning has numerous  benefits. The foremost, it helps you to get all your activities planned. Scheduling your tasks well in advance, help you to ease up your mind. Get up early, give time to yourself. You can walk or exercise or do meditation.

Read book: People todays sit in front of Television for hours without knowing that they are spoiling the precious time of their life. Watching television make the brain dump and body becomes lazy. Television makes you tempted to virtual world. While on the other hand reading books increase your patience, creativity, imagination and memory. Books allow you to imagine and extract the best for you. You never know that a single  sentence read by you may change your life. Reading is a habit which gives new horizons in your life. You get vast experience in short life irrespective of your age, culture, values, beliefs, boundaries. Books enhance your wisdom. This wisdom finally help you to know the ready you. You are able to get yourself elevated from the materialistic world and your prophecy to world  become simple.

Donate time:  Doing charity has two impacts on your life, firstly your point of view will change toward life secondly you will have sense of belongingness, brotherhood and completeness. Donating time for social work helps you see other side of world the scarcity and deficiency of even basic needs in human life. Once you see a child starving for food, from next time you are definitely not going to waste food, no matter  tasteless it is. Once you see an old man shivering in cold, from very next moment you are going to love your old pair of jeans which is laying in wardroom for years. You will also  start feeling a sense of thankfulness and gratitude towards god for enabling to with all goodies around you be it  parents, friends, house, food, car, government, hospitals, school etc. etc.

Basic: Stick to basic human nature of truth and honesty. Truth helps you to be simple. Lies makes life complex. It make brain to work without any basic reality. You have to imagine the effect and the after effect of every single lie you speak. You have to remember it every time till you are alive. It’s a burden, an unnecessary baggage on you mind and you have to carry it every time, every moment. You had to remember, what  you told to whom. Life becomes complex  with a single lie.

Honesty is the best policy. Remember it if you want to have a stress and hassle free life. Be yourself, be honest to your parents, your spouse, your children, your work, your country. It enhances your self-believe, self-confidence, self-worthiness and self-esteem.

Simplicity is a subjective word. It means different to every individual. Simplicity doesn’t mean as not to buy products, or enjoy life. Simplicity is simple word, means to do the essential and avoid unnecessary, non-value adding stuff & activity for life.

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