WordPress Tricks

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In this section we shall provide you the tricks to play with wordpress. Do you know, you can make wonders on your website using wordpress. You can create it in your own way by knowing certain tricks to play with.


WordPress gives you a lot of FREE stuff in the form of themes, plugins and extended plugins to use. You can design, modify, provide more attractive features to your website and believe me, all this with just few tricks and tips. In this section, we shall cover all the topics right from the scratch. We would request you to go step by step and do not jump to learn fast and all the tricks.


Following are the topics, we shall cover here (on the request from beginners, we have gone 2 steps back before start giving tips for wordpress)

  • Select a domain name, a name for your website, like www.indus-creations.com : Read >> How to select domain name best for SEO.
  • Purchase a domain with godaddy or any other domain name service provider
  • Link your domain to your Hosting Account
  • Install wordpress for your domain
  • Install a new theme of your choice
  • Important wordpress plugins you must have for your wordpress website
  • Basic WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wordpress tools
  • Launch your website and publicize

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